Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Representin' For the Chocolate Sistas: Tina

Chocolate Representatives (Tina is Photo'ed 3rd from the left)

*Unenthusiastic* It is another lovely hump day in Philly. However the weather here can't seem to make its mind up! Yesterday had a nice warm up 70 degree swing to it. Today its blustery, dreary day. I was all prepared to get summered up today. But to no avail, had to settle for pulling out my umbrella instead of my sandals. Anywho, I have something... rather someone very special to share today. She brings sunshine to my rainiest and cloudiest of days. She is a good friend of mine and fellow Chocolate Representative that I love dearly like she's family. She never ceases to amaze me with her raw talent, undeniable swag, and her refreshing personality.... I couldn't be talking about anyone else but my good friend Tina, which I loving refer to as "Teeny"
Tina recently blessed me with her Youtube video of her rendition of All at Once by Whitney Houston so I will bless you all with her video as well. So what I will do now is turn the floor over to my girl Tina. I luv ya Teen Teen!
She is most definitely representin for the Chocolate Sistas as well as the talented sistas too.
* Tina will also be featuring in a singing on May 10th at 8:30 pm at Maggie's Waterfront Cafe which is located at 9242 North Delaware Avenue, Philadelphia PA 19114.  Please come out and show your love and your support!