Thursday, May 17, 2012

My Influenser Box has Arrived!

Tired as ever but happy to receive my Vox Box!
Coming home on this Tuesday I was so tired, hungry and just ready to unwind but I was happy to see that my Vox Box from had arrived! When I came home from a long day at work it was sitting there waiting ever so patiently for me.
For those of you who are unfamiliar with Influenster, it is a completely free website that selects people who have joined their site to test out, review and give feedback on products. The reviews are mostly posted by Youtubers, Bloggers, or by going onto Influenster's website.
*Here is a previous post that I've done explaining a little about Influenster:
I signed up for Influenster in about mid March and found out in mid April that I had been selected to test their "2012 Spring Beauty Vox Box", which contains beauty items to be reviewed. The Spring Beauty Vox Box is said to be valued at over $60.00 worth of products.
The "Vox Boxes" are all themed. Because it is now spring they've sent items that you would find useful for this season.
I have seen that past reviewers have received a Mother's day box for Mother's day, a Valentines day box around the month of February or a Holiday box full of goodies around the Christmas holiday.
In the next few days I'll test out each item and give a thorough review on each product and will keep you posted!
In the photos below is everything that was included in my Vox Box.

The Vox Box Spring Card (Front)

The Vox Box Spring Card (Back)

The open box (Packaged)

Sally Hansen Salon Effects Polis Strips

Sally Hansen Card

SoyJoy Bar

Dr Scholl's Ball of Foot Pads

Aveeno Body Wash

ChapStick Lip Shield 365
Wrapped Bath & Body Works Paris Fragrence Mist
Unwrapped Bath & Body Works Paris Fragrence Mist

Sheer Cover Concealer in Deep Dark