Thursday, August 16, 2012

Out and About outside of Philly: Wildwood NJ

Well, its back to work for me this week. It is sooo damn hard to get back into the swing of things after being care free for one full week of all play no work *sighs*
Chocolates on the Beach
So its natural that I can't help but to reflex back on last week of my day at the shores of Wildwood NJ with a good friend of mine who also needed a day of relaxation so we packed up our beach things and headed to NJ for the day.
Nearby Rides on the Boardwalk
Wildwood is just about 2 hrs outside of Philly and its seems to be a very family oriented beach area. It has lots of fun little things to do like walk the boardwalk to ride the rides, mini golf, go fishing, take a dolphin watching boat ride, rent a wave-runner or go parasailing and there were plenty of places to eat there although it seems some of them were geared towards serving mostly seafood. To me, Wildwood reminded of Myrtle Beach or vice versa. It seems to be a nice place to take a weekend trip if you plan on relaxing and having clean good ole family fun.
The Culprit
I'd like to keep my eye on the prize and head for Miami South Beach for some......well,  grown up Miami type of fun hehe, but still, Wildwood partially filled my need to be at a beach for a moment. Sometimes its just nice to escape for a second and lay out in sun and splash in the water a bit outside the city limits. It was a hazy day but it was perfect beach weather for us and we were thanking our lucky stars that it wasn't raining that day. Even though my friend encounter a seagull on a mission to drop some "Good Luck" right on her back and into her hair while we were chillin lol. After laying out into relax mode, people watching and dolphin watching and jumping in and out of the water a few times we finally decided to wrap things up and take things to a local spot called the Boathouse restaurant on Rio Grande.
Mango Daiquiri
I kinda enjoyed the vibe of the Boathouse restaurant. I recently saw that it has received a few sketchy reviews online but really I couldn't find anything majorly wrong with the place. The food was good, the staff was friendly and the atmosphere was relaxing. The restaurant's location sits right next to the docked boats. Our hostess sat us at a scenic spot on the deck where we could watch the boats. We opted to have an early dinner of crab cake, veggies and broiled stuffed flounder and of course we had to get a mango daiquiri to end our day on a sweet note before hitting the road and returning back to Philly.

View From Our Table

Docked Boats

Beautiful Sunset on Our Way Home