Friday, May 4, 2012

Meeting In My Bedroom ..... With Spring Colors

Spring is definitely in the air here in PA .... of course despite the weird weather which seems like it can go from being a lovely day in the upper 70's to a rainy day but still humid day in the 50's in the blink of an eye. With all this Spring energy bouncing about I  am eventually looking to spruce up my bedroom scene. Spring is usually associated with beautiful vibrant, playful colors like oranges, green, yellows, various shades of aqua, pastels and pinks and a great way to incorporate these colors is to transfer them to your room.
Me, I 'm still sorting out which room colors I love the most. Playing around with different textures, swatches, layers and color combinations has been so much fun. In my younger days I shied away from color for fear of my wardrobe or room looking clownish but now I see that you can put colors together so tastefully so I now invite and embrace color with open arms!

Adding color to one's room can also be a mood booster. It is said that the colors that you most gravitate to say a lot about you and your personality. I tend to lean towards greens, oranges and black which is odd because the explanation of what it says about my personality is somewhat conflicting but... I guess that sounds a little like me lol Here is the article that I found regarding colors

Orange: This color of luxury and pleasure appeals to the flamboyant and fun-loving person who likes a lively social round. Orange people may be inclined to dramatize a bit, and people notice them, but they are generally good-natured and popular. They can be a little fickle and vacillating, but on the whole they try hard to be agreeable. Orange is the color of youth, strength, fearlessness, curiosity and restlessness.

Green: The color of harmony and balance, Green symbolizes hope, renewal and peace, and is usually liked by the gentle and sincere. Greens are generally frank, community-minded people, fairly sociable but preferring peace at any price. Green people can be too self-effacing, modest and patient, so they may get exploited by others. They are usually refined, civilized and reputable.

Black: Dignified and impressive without being showy, Black people want to give the appearance of mystery, but their preference may also indicate a suppression of desires and worldly aims, suggesting hidden depths and inner longings.

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Bedroom Mood Board
Right now my bedroom is colorless and boring with a white platform bed frame, white dresser and side table and a white lamp. I have't taken the time to focus on it. But it will be receiving my full attention from now until the time I finish sprucing it up.
I love the thought of orange perhaps paired with another color (perhaps a darker or another lighter color) combined in with a few modern decorations. Heres a few ideas, inspirations and examples I've stumbled upon while online:

Lemon, Turquoise and Gray. These are demure but flirty fun colors together

Orange and Gray

Has a calming Pottery Barn feel to it. I like it
Pink, Green, White and Black Moroccan Colors pulled together beautifully
Ikea Orange Bedroom give a more serious look to color
with Black/White Pillows

Looks like a screen shot from the Sims but nonetheless it blends
orange, red and pink together nicely

Fun, bright and modern

I love this! This definitely says "Spring" 
You dont always have to jump head first into color.
Here is a white Bedroom with a few pops of Aqua. 

Very modern take on color with a hint of green to
uplift the room's mood