Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Year End Recap

Ahh yes, the Christmas holiday is now over and 2011 is almost out the door. We will be ushering in a brand new year that will be full of new ventures. Let's all take a deep breath and exhale! We've made it to the end of this year!! I can honestly say for myself that this year has been full of fun, good friends and family, travel and a few pleasant surprises. I can only hope that 2012 will be just as great if not greater for us all. It will be be an opportunity to start anew. You can make new years resolutions for a new diet, drop a bad habit, start a new hobby, attend a cooking, pole or pottery class... basically, whatever your desires are for the new year! What are your goals for 2012? And what are some of your most treasured memories from 2011?

Here are some of my most memorable moments in 2011!

Started my B-Day off with a bang! Radio City in New York with my good friend Colie and my sister was great!

I was sent to the windy city of  Chicago with my job for a weekend conference. Our hotel where we stayed, The Allerton was a historical gem. It was very modern and hospitable. After our conference was over, we went on a quest to find the perfect place to eat. One of our board members suggested a place called Indian Garden. This restaurant was very warm and inviting. Not to mention it had great service, food, and beautifully hand painted walls.

I love flowers, so a friend and I visited the US National Arboretum in DC. On our way out I stopped to admire some really creative sculptures in our hotel lobby. Isn't it great? We did a little sight seeing and spent a moment appreciating the Crystal City Park Waterfall in VA. We then feasted on mussels, shrimp and a dreamy, creamy drink creation that our bartender whipped up at the Sea Catch restaurant in Georgetown, MD.

Cinco de Mayo at my place was a real good time! Tequila, music, margaritas, friends, ice cold Coronas, salsa and ... more tequila!

Went to a Bone Thugs N Harmony concert and had a great time!! Very nice, cool, talented guys that put on an insane show! (Yes, I love old school rap and these guys have always been a favorite of mine!)

Somehow I found myself back in Chicago, this time for fun! I rolled solo to the Shedd Aquarium. I then met with my friend for dinner at Devons Seafood Grill
(Yes, I know, I ate fish after just seeing them swimming happily. *Hangs head in shame*)
We did a little boat watching while strolling along the Riverwalk and later in the evening we admired the 4th of July fireworks from the pier and on to a late nightcap at a nearby cafe.

Off to  Springmaid Beach Resort in Myrtle Beach with the family for our reunion.  Everyone thought us to be crazy but we went during Hurricane Irene! (the reunion was planned months in advance) We arrived safely but got loads of rain the first day we were there. The worst of the storm pretty much skipped us and we had sunshine the whole weekend.

For the last hurrah of the summer, the girls and I kissed Philly goodbye for the day and hit the bridge to Atlantic City for fun in the sun, funnel cakes, ice cream, hot dogs, some boardwalk shopping and a little good luck on the slot machines.

*Sighs* It's one of the hardest things that I've ever had to do but I had to give my sweet Baby up. I've had her for 6 years and got her when she was a tiny kitten. My allergies got way too severe to keep her. She now lives with a good friend of mine. I really miss her but I know she's with someone that loves her just as much as I did.

On a more uplifting note to wrap things up, I've finally moved!!! After  about 7 years at my old place I've moved on to a new place! City living is cool but I must say, I have quickly gotten use to scenic living. My old place was full of memories and good times however, the sun has set on an old chapter of my life and risen in another and I couldn't be happier! This has been a blessed year!

My Old Place