Monday, December 19, 2011

In the Spirit of the Holidays

Okay I've got to admit... I've been bitten by the spirit of the holidays this year. I'm not usually a Scrooge for the holidays, nor am I any Chris Cringle. I usually just coast through  the holidays eating, drinking and being merry at my family's house without a care in the world. This year I decided to take a step into the hosting pool and really get involved by throwing my very own holiday party and found out that I love to entertain! It's always a good time inviting friends and family over to enjoy a good meal, share a great laugh and have a fun time. If you are planning a holiday party, don't fret. It can be easy and budget conscience as well. I am a firm believer in doing everything the "pocket friendly" way. If you'd like to jazz up your party a tad and make your guest really feel special, here's a helping hand that will be sure to impress: Printable water bottle labels, cupcake toppers, wrappers and party favor tags. I found these handy dandy little guys on Living Locurto and they were easy as pie to print out and use. The best thing of it all was.... it was free!

Here's my own version of the water bottle print outs and party favor tags. They were a big hit with my guest!
You just print them out on an adhesive paper and wrap them onto the water bottle of your choice.

Labeled Water Bottles

Party Favor Tag

Here are a few extra tips on how to make a budget friendly shindig work for you:
1: Buy in bulk: Items like rice, beans, pasta and potatoes are always plentiful, inexpensive, and you can make so many varieties of dishes with these choices: such as garlic roasted potatoes, spinach with pasta, flavored rice, chili with beans. Also, juice mixes are a cost effective way to assure that your guests cups stay full without breaking the bank from buying individual drinks and sodas. And if you'd like to add some extra "happiness" to the mix, you can always make your own alcoholic beverage such as a Sangria (wine & fruit) or a punch for all to enjoy.

2. Sales! Sales! Sales!: Whenever you see a sale, act on it immediately! Even if your holiday party is weeks away. Holiday items always tend to go up in price as the big date approaches so it's always best to get your party goods/food/decoration when you see it is on sale otherwise, you may not see it at that price again for a very long time and will have to end up paying full price. Additionally, don't be afraid to buy things from unconventional places. A good sale can pop up just about anywere!

3. DIY: Do it yourself. Things like prepared fruit trays, meat and cheese trays are costly. Instead of purchasing those things you can just do them yourself by purchasing the meat, crackers, dips, fruit and cheeses separately. There will definitely be a little arm work that goes into preparing it but on the plus side; it will be fixed exactly to YOUR likings and you won't have to shovel out your hard earned money for it. 

4. Don't be shy, enlist help if need be: I really need to take my own advice for this particular tip. I absolutely hate asking for help! But when I find myself in a time crunch and have no other choice I put on my "Precious Moment Eyes" and ask for assistance. When decorating, preparing food for your party, making favors or you simply just need someone to bring an item that you forgot to pick up, make no secret about requesting a little help. A little help goes a long way!