Friday, December 16, 2011

Why "Chocolate Representative"??

The term "Chocolate Representative" is a term that myself and an old friend from years and years ago came up with. In middle school, she used to be taunted and teased by the boys as well as girls for her deep chocolate skin tone. She confessed to me that made her very self-conscious, depressed, sad and even ashamed. As we got older she replaced her self consciousness with self confidence and began to recognize that she was comfortable in the skin she's in. She was proud of it. I really learned a lot from her and admired her pride so I deemed us the "Chocolate Representatives" because we admired the beauty of being proud, loving who you are, and truly represented being "Chocolate". As I met new friends in life, I passed on that term. We adapted to it and all consider ourselves "Chocolate Representatives". As women generally we should love ourselves no matter what shade, weight, age, race, height, religion, imperfections or whatever you feel your shortcomings are. When you love yourself, others will see this and love it also. 

"Who has confidence in himself will gain the confidence of others"- Leib Lazarow.

Here are some other beautiful Chocolates I absolutely adore. (Yes, as you can see I luv Lauryn Hill!)