Monday, December 19, 2011

Wine a little.... it'll make you feel better

Yes, yes, yes I know it's the beginning of the week. Today was a pretty smooth Monday at work but hey, maybe yours was a little rougher than you envisioned it to be before stepping into the office today. Maybe the hustle and bustle of the holidays are getting a bit more overwhelming than what you've bargained for, or maybe you just want to kick back, let loose and have some "me" time with a glass of wine. Well, I thought I'd start it off by introducing you to one of my favorites. Here's a wine thats worthy of praise. Okay, so I know the name is giggle worthy but it truly is a good wine. My sister actually recommended it to me and ever since we've met it has been love at first taste. Cockburns wine is a port. Ports are usually very sweet and Cockburns is no exception. It has a nice smooth effect to it. Its moderately priced between $13.00-$16.00 which makes this a steal. It is a great after dinner wine or just a chill out wine. So, start your week off on the good foot and wine a little or a lot.