Saturday, April 14, 2012

Getting Chocolate Skin Summer Ready!

Small Tub of Shea Butter
Okay, so the weather is officially warming up here in Philly and I am excited! Warm weather to me means trips to the sandy shores of Altantic City, ice cold drinks on a roof top lounge with friends, sun dresses in bold bright colors and getting your face sun worthy and ready for summer fun. I get excited just thinking about it!
When getting your face summer ready you should have a regimen in mind that works for you. In almost all cases (no matter what your skin tone is) it is suggested that you incorporate SPF into your regimen. Sun protection factor (SPF) protects your skin from the sun's harmful UVB's. If you are on the beach, taking an extended walk or doing any outdoors activities, try to find products that contains SPFs in it. Nowadays products like concealers, primers and lotions contain SPFs so you don't have to just settle for one method of staying protected from the sun!
Coconut Papaya Soap
Another key to having a "warm weather face" is keeping it hydrated and smooth. Using natural products like Shea Butter is great. It comes in a tub thats a variety of sizes. The cost of Shea Butter can range from $5.00 for its smallest container to $20.00 for its largest container. It can also be unscented or scented with items such as lilac, lemongrass or ginger. Shea Butter can also come in two colors: white or yellow. There is no real difference in its effectiveness when choosing a color, but I prefer to use the white Shea Butter because of its smoother texture. It goes good on your skin when getting out of a warm shower or hot bath and it hydrates
your skin right on contact.

The mentioning of showers and baths brings me to another recommended product that is a great edition to any bathing regimen: Coconut and Papaya soap by Nubian Heritage. This soap smells so very good! I know some products "advertise" that the scent will have you smelling like "this or that" but this soap actually holds true to its name. It actually does smell like coconuts and papayas. Its so refreshing and its scent lasts very long. The Coconut and Papaya soap is gentle. I have eczema (which is dry skin) and it does not irritate me at all. This soap contains small flecks of the coconut in it and small flects of papaya which helps exfoliate any dead or flakey skin. The cost per bar ranges anywere from 2 bucks and some change to 5 dollars, and it is well worth it. Nubian Heritage also makes soaps that comes in other varies like Black soap, Olive and Green Tea, Goat's Milk and Chi and many more.

Fruits and Veggies
Last but not least a great way to beautify your skin is through eating fruits and veggies. I got this 7 dollar haul from the Market Reading Terminal in Center City Philly. By eating right and drinking plenty of water to stay hydrated, you will be doing your face and body a great service. Try it for at least one week and I will bet that you will see a change!