Monday, February 13, 2012

A Tearful Farewell to Another Great One

A tearful farewell goes to Whitney Houston. She was a household name and many of us grew up on her music. I can think back to the times when I would be in the mirror holding the hair brush, mimicking her dances and singing to I Want to Dance with Somebody, desperately wishing my voice could be as soulful and precise as hers. I used to want to be like her with a passion. In her earlier days she was beautiful, graceful, strong, stylish and best of all she was respectable. When you grow up on music that's so influential like Whitney's its hard to hear unfortunate news such as this, because you wish for the best for talented artist like her and hope that one day they will make a strong comeback that will blow you away. She may be gone, but her music will never be forgotten.