Friday, January 20, 2012

A Fab Ass Friday

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Yes! Its finally Friday! The weekend is about to so start up and although its been freezing cold here in Philly, I see there's no need to slack off in still strutting your stuff and being a chocolate, fabulous fashionista. Whether your weekend plans entail a night out with someone special, a cocktail party or some special time hanging with the ladies the first thing you usually ask yourself is, "What am I wearing tonight?"A while back while perusing online I stumbled onto a site that is so very helpful in keeping up with fresh ideas to stay trendy. Its called Polyvore. I luv, luv, luv this site! You can build your own wardrobe ideas, you can ask for fashion advice as well as look to others for fashion inspirations. Let's say you have a pair of pumps and never knew what to wear with them or how to pair them into an outfit. Well, you can submit a photo of the shoes in question and have others suggestion ideas on what to wear with them! Its like having your own personal team of stylist on hand. Pretty cool, eh? Here's a little winter number that I was inspired to put together by just seeing a similar dress in a store while I was shopping downtown one day after work.

Isabel Marant longer length dress
€895 -

Fergie lace up bootie
$115 -

Vivienne Westwood snake bag

Oasis brown jewelry
$15 -