Monday, July 9, 2012

Yay! My Summer Vox Box is Here!

Grandma, Auntie & Me
Oh dear Lord... its been hot as all hell here up and down the east coast! But its been all good just the same. The 4th of July feels like it just came and went with the quickness, but I am happy to say I got to spend time with my two special ladies during the early part of July 4th by going out to lunch with my aunt and grandma. It was a really nice time for just us gals to talk, enjoy a good meal and have a few laughs at a place that could potentially be one of our new favorite restaurants in Delco.
Me & my cousins
In the latter part of the day I was able to beat the heat and to get into some fun by starting in center city for some drinks a bite to eat and making my way into yonder for a little 4th of July excitement with old and new friends along the way to the boardwalk. Hope everyone had safe and fun holiday and kept cool in this massive heat wave. And speaking of heat waves, we lived to speak another day after our 2nd annual family BBQ that took place over the weekend. Supposedly this was reported as the hottest day on record this year. Maybe it was just the heat talking but it didn't feel like 100 degrees out there, however we were able to gather without incident. An occasional stroll over to the pool area for a walk through the sprinklers, a refreshing water ice and a sit under the tent was needed but nontheless we had a good time, good food and we were actually able to enjoy a slight breeze in the park too that day.

Summer Vox Box

Additionally, I was very pleased to see that my Summer Vox Box from Influenster had arrived! (Claps hands and jumps up and down) I was selected once again to participate in reviewing summer products that they've bundled together ever so nicely into my box. I've already began to try a few of the items and I can say for sure I am loving them and will definitely be reviewing them all.
Once again, if you are interested in becoming a product tester for Influenster, you may do so by visiting and creating a free account.