Thursday, July 26, 2012

Out and About Around Philly: Hibachi Grill and Sushi Buffet

Sushi Buffet
Okay, so I know this is about to sound very obese of me and call it what you will, but I think I've fallen in love with a new place which happens to be a new buffet. One day while hanging out at home an oddly placed commercial came on in between one of my reality shows for an opening of a new restaurant in the Delco area called Hibachi Grill and Sushi Buffet. Seeing this sparked my
Water Fall & Fish Pond
interest.  I was Skeptical at first about going and the food looking absolutely nothing like it was pictured on the commercial. I decided to give this place a try anyway. I first went during the early part of the day on July 4th.
I usually dont' like taking people to new places without me first going and checking it out but I decided to round up my grandma and auntie so that we could explore this new place together. Whats the worst that could happen? Well, with my GPS acting like it had gone completely crazy coupled, my aunt's growing temper that comes out to play when she's hungry and lost and then top it all off with my terrible sense of directions... I'd pretty much say thats the worst that could happen. However, after about 45 minutes of driving around Delco (which should have only taken us 15 minutes tops to get there), we finally found the place and surprisingly it was well worth the trip.
The singing "Treat"
Sushi Station
From the outside it looks like your regular, everyday buffet but Hibachi Grill & Sushi Buffet's interior is nicely decorated with updated wood finish, a water fountain and fish pond. The food is very affordable and there are lots of options to chose from like salmon, chicken, pizza, fried rice, roast pork, spinach all types of salads, fruits and freshly made sushi. There is also a chocolate fountain that sits near skewered fruit, so if you're feeling like indulging in a little gluttony, its there to assure you that it can be done in style. Also, if thats not enough to tickle your fancy there is also a grill and chef in the back of the restaurant that will grill up just about any thing that you'd like him to. Upon our most recent visit for a friend of the family's birthday, one of our party goers decided to test the waters and throw a few things at the chef to have grilled which included steak, onions, white rice and a few extra tasty treats. She seemed fairly pleased with the outcome, so maybe next time I'll give it a try
The restaurant was also nice enough to send over a little treat to the birthday lady of our day. It really made her smile and it got a good laugh out of all of us when the treat kept on playing the happy birthday song because we were told there was technically no way to stop it lol. For what its worth, I think this place is pretty nice, especially considering that its a buffet. Most places just usher you in, throw some slop into a trough, I mean a steam tray and expect you just to dig in. This place actually seems to put forth a great deal of effort to make their food look and taste presentable as well as the atmosphere, so I think its pretty safe to say that they've gained a returning customer here :-)