Friday, June 1, 2012

Out and About: The Official 2012 Capa "Its Going Down... Again" Spring Soiree Mixer

Big Shirley Cocktail
Lovely past Memorial Day weekend. Hope everyone enjoyed their extended weekend. I kicked mine off at (deep breath)....The Official 2012 Capa "Its Going Down... Again" Spring Soiree Mixer which was at the AxD Art Gallery 265 S. 10th St. It was hosted by a mutual friend, "Jared my luv." My hat goes off to you Jared for throwing such a great event!
Although I am not an official Capa Alumni I still was able to have a really nice time and appreciate the upscale details that were so methodically placed around the Art Gallery. It was a wonderful balance of swank and swag. Also, they kept the drinks flowing, the food was delicious and  music by DJ Charlie Chan was doin it. Folks turned up the temperature with their spring sexy wear and the atmosphere was as grown and sexy as it can get.

Enjoying a Chocolate Martini
And see, here's the thing... I really don't enjoy using the term "Grown and Sexy" because in Philly (and I'm sure other places too) it tends to get misused and overused...often...very often. They'll have you thinking that your going to a wine and cheese party but the reality of it is you are going to a crowded, sweatbox, can of beer and bag of chips (if you're lucky) type of party instead. 
Birthday Lady
However, I really must say that this venue was the definition of "Grown and Sexy." The vibe was real chill and I was on shoe watch and on jewelry patrol. There were a lot of sexy heels being strutted in and Lord knows how I loves me a sexy pair of heels and there were all kinds of unique earrings and necklaces in the building too.  

There was even a signature drink of the evening called the "Big Shirley" which involved Grey Goose, Cherry Noir, Sprite and a splash of Grenadine. It was a grown ass spin on  theShirley Temple. 
We were also inclined to celebrate my good friend, Colie's birthday at the stroke of midnight (or a little thereafter) with a toast amongst our table of friends. Happy Belated Birthday to you Colie!! :-)
Well, for now I'm going to fall back and let the pictures do the talking.....


                        *All photos shown below are credit to 
                                 Anwar Amin- A Squared Productions

The man of the evening that made it all happen Jared "My Luv"