Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Out and About in Philly: Market Reading Terminal

Still somewhat rainy here today (sad face) but I can't complain, at least its not snowing! When the weather is kinda crappy like this it drives me to cook for some reason so visiting the Market Reading Terminal in Center City to buy my fruits, veggies and meats is a must! 

The Reading Terminal is like a hidden gem farmers market that collaborated with other eateries, bakeries, fish market, and other little trinket stores. I used to just walk by it in passing but I started going there for my shopping when I saw the all the goodies that my boss used to find there.

He would come from his lunch break with arms full of bags that contained fresh strawberries and blueberries for $1, fresh herbs, candy and nuts. I wanted a piece of the action so I visited them for the first time a long while back and have been going there ever since then! A lot of times their prices will beat the supermarket's prices for fruit and vegetables so I go there to save a few pennies when I can.
Additionally, despite the customer traffic that you'll probably encounter when visiting, it actually is pretty relaxing. Seeing all these fresh items displayed out for you and swapping quick food convo with other customers always makes my visits to the Terminal worthwhile. My favorite part of the Terminal is Iovine Brothers (which is where I get my fruits/veggies)
There is bakery not too far from the Iovine Brothers that has really delicious food. I swear if I lived by this place I'd be there everyday of the week lol (Its just that good!) There's also a bunch of great places to sit down and eat here. If you are ever in the area swing on in and try Deliah's. They have all kinds of goodies like sweet potatoes, greens, mac and cheese, ribs and fried chicken. The people that work there are super nice too and makes sure you get served.