Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Likable Libations

So this weekend was fun! Good drinks, some laughs, dancing and now the reality of working is setting back in *sheds tear and sniffles*. However, while breezing through my weekend shenanigans, I'd thought it would be kool to post this beauty of a drink that I drank on Saturday night. I was told it was called a "Trash Can". Or if you are being politically correct you can call it a "GarbagĂ© Can" (I must say it with the utmost dignity lol) The reason for its name is because like, a long island ice tea, it has a lot of different strong liquors that are crammed into one glass. I am unsure about the exact ingredients of this concoction but I do know (obviously ) it does contain a full can of Red Bull. It also may possibly Blue Curaco, a schnapps, maybe a rum and a vodka in it as well. This little blue drink was really tasty and when the Red Bull kicked in, it definitely got me up and going on the dance floor to cut a quick rug and act a plum-fool for a second lol. It was all in good fun and I had a ball while out and about If you are looking for a fun drink for the weekend to try while getting your groove on, having a good time or even just chilling out; this will be worth trying out. Every bar does a different variation of drinks so upon your next visit ask for one!

Here are a few variations of recipes: